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  • Install Profile Error

    By Monipulator3216
    I’ve pressed and allowed this app to install my profile so many times. It doesn’t work.
  • Review

    By Ardel1975
    Frustrating! It makes it difficult using google mail. Worst application.
  • Blocks my hotspot

    By rrrachel93
    Not sure why this is needed for privacy. Such a pain tho. Can’t really use it if this is the case. Would have been nice to use my phone for work things :/

    By Duke83739582
    this app is so buggy and hard to use. What a fail from Google.
  • This app does not have proper instructions

    By Remembering 88
    The Chrome pop-up notification asks me to download this app all the time. But after I downloaded it, it denied my access. I installed and uninstalled multiple times, and it still did not work. I have to use a different web browser because of this stupid app.
  • Bad app

    By Pat1”1”1”
    My job told me I needed chrome to access work email. When I tried, this app popped up as a requirement. I downloaded it but it still doesn’t allow me to access my email. Now it pops up all the time. I can’t get rid of this stupid app. I hate it
  • Can’t give 0 stars

    By j.c.o.g.k.w.
    Well… I guess I have to give it one star. My co worker has had nothing but problems since he downloaded this. Ever since I opened and ALMOST installed it, it keeps trying to force me every single time I switch to a different website, Netflix show, YouTube video… EVERYTHING!!!! I cannot get rid of it! Any helpful hints!? I also heard it’s not a good idea and ‘work’ can get into your phone and disable your camera. Seems like that’s true. HELP! How do I fix this!?
  • do not get this!!!

    By this app tho.😍
    this app literally controls your phone. it will make you change your password to unlock you phone and further. if you are trying to access your work email, STICK TO A COMPUTER. this is not worth the app’s control over what you do on your personal phone. it’s crazy. also if you went through the trouble of downloading this and are coming to this realization like i did, make sure you “UNREGISTER” your account on the app before you delete it so it no longer has power over what’s on your phone. google, i don’t know what this is, but it’s crazy.
  • Is

    By roblox90484
    Very bad
  • Do not download

    By Kowen G
    Coders eat paste and it transferred a virus to my phone.