Fitbit: Health & Fitness

Fitbit: Health & Fitness

By Google

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2011-10-18
  • Current Version: 4.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 284.00 MB
  • Developer: Google
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 15.0 or later.
Score: 4.37245
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See the big picture on your health and fitness journey with the Fitbit app. Find easy ways to get active, sleep better, stress less and eat healthier. Track the stats you care about across health, fitness and sleep, and change your goals as your routines evolve. Stay motivated with energizing workout content for your body and mind. See how far you’ve come with a glance at your personal goal progress and how you stack up to friends and family. Unlock even more possibilities when you sync up with a wearable device like Fitbit tracker or smartwatch and see how your activity, sleep, nutrition and stress all fit together. GET MORE ACTIVE: See how small moves add up by using your smartphone to track steps and distance—or pair with a tracker or smartwatch to record your heart rate, Active Zone Minutes, calories burned and more. It’s a fitness planner in your pocket: Use the app as a diary to set goals and track your progress. It can help you stay active during the day, too. Check your hourly activity goal and get reminders to move or take a walk. Plus, that motivation you’ve been looking for is right in the app. Bring the gym home with a curated list of audio and video workouts that you can do at your own pace, right from your living room.* You’ll find sessions for HIIT, cardio, strength, running, biking, yoga and more. TRACK YOUR HEART HEALTH: Understand your overall health by using your watch or tracker to keep tabs on your heart rate 24/7. Monitor your heart rhythm and see your resting heart rate trends, plus time spent in heart rate zones during workouts. SLEEP BETTER: Find sleep tools to help you learn about your sleep quality and improve it—from measuring your sleep duration and sleep stages to understanding your restless time. Set reminders for bedtime and wake-up time to keep your sleeping schedule managed. STRESS LESS: Listen to audio sessions to lessen stress and improve your mood. Use mindfulness to start your day a better way, find moments of calm and set intentions with meditation or get help falling asleep with breathing exercises and relaxing sounds.* EAT SMARTER: Keep your diet in check with easy-to-use tools for setting goals. Tracking meals and logging food & water intake lets you see if you’re getting enough protein, fat, fiber and carbs on your way to managing your weight and overall health. EVEN MORE WITH FITBIT PREMIUM: Upgrade to Fitbit Premium and get all the guidance, insights and inspiration you need to take your workout routine to the next level. • Your Daily Readiness Score helps you understand when it’s time to go all out and when it’s time for rest & recovery—plus, you’ll get recommended workouts based on your body’s needs. • Get the support you need across a whole library of workouts to keep your mind and body fit—from strength training, HIIT and cycling to dance cardio, yoga, meditation and more—led by Fitbit’s expert trainers who are ready to coach. • Perfect your mindfulness practice with a full library of sessions that calm anxiety, prep for sleep and even help you meditate while walking. • Find new ways to rest & recover with your Sleep Score. Plus, check out your sleep patterns and monthly trends in your Sleep Profile. • Feed your appetite with access to easy, healthy recipes to help you reach your nutrition goals and bring your wellness full circle. Terms of Service: *A Fitbit Premium subscription is required to access the full content library.



  • Updates

    By ranfamily12
    The up keeps getting worse with each update. Hard to find everything. The app use to so much simpler and easy find and see everything. The app has more glitches. With each update I have to manually sink a few times to get everything to sink. Several different reading will have no data so I have to force quite the app then sink my Fitbit. I have had a Fitbit for over nine years and just last few years I have hated the app. I loved my Fitbit but lately considering switching to an Apple Watch because of the app and glitches plus missing data everyday.
  • Mileage and step count not accurate

    By J Reiss
    I have used my Fitbit non-stop for the past 3 years. A problem I have daily is that the step count and mileage count are consistently 20-30% higher than the iPhone step count and mileage. My partner has an Apple Watch with Apple Health installed. The Fitbit step count and mileage difference is 20-30% higher when compared to those results as well. I can understand (sort of) that the two companies may differ in how they count steps. But both use gps tracking so the mileage should be the same between the two. A mile is a mile, however on the Fitbit it meaures 1.2 miles for each mile recorded on the iPhone and Apple Watch. I’ve gone to the FAQ section on the Fitbit website, looked it up on Google and called Fitbit help but none can give me an answer as to why the distances are different. I’ve reloaded the app, re-synched the phone and purchased a newer model and the problem is the same across all the Fitbit devices I own. I cannot find an answer as to why the differences in step count and mileage are so much higher on the Fitbit than Apple Health and the built in step counter on the iPhone.
  • Doesn't work correctly

    By camden040
    Fitbit doesn't provide accurate data for resting heart rate. No resting HR analysis despite HR recording for 24 hours. This happens 1-3 times a week. Now, it's not recording sleep data correctly. Just can't trust this app or device. Plus, after a full 99-100% charge it immediately drops 10% points after starting to wear. That just makes the wear time before another charge shorter. Why a drop of 10% points? I will not purchase another Fitbit when this one dies.
  • Disappointing

    By Worship_Warri0r
    Since Google has taken over, they removed the best part of the app- which was games and competitions among users Very disappointing. Nothing makes Fitbit more special than garmin or Apple Watch anymore- disappointing
  • New sleep update is terrible!

    By Barb Rav
    Super ugly and it takes forever to sync. It’s so bad I’m thinking of switching to Apple Watch after having Fitbit for years.
  • No info

    By NanC 720
    I’ve had fitbits for years and loved them. However now, one by one, stats disappear. I managed to reboot by deleting the app and then the Bluetooth and then start over, waiting two weeks to accumulate data so I can get scored again. This worked! For ONE DAY! So again I’m without any stats: no sleep score, no readiness score, no rhr, nothing. I truly need this info for my health monitoring. Don’t know what to do. Maybe get an apple.
  • Great health app!

    By Pensador72
    This app monitors your health consistently and let’s you manage any progress.
  • Graph

    By LGunny10
    Why did the graph change ? This isn’t easy to read anymore. The stages ; cycle graph is different the last few months.
  • Sleep metrics are in the toilet

    By mrsdmiles
    The primary reason why I’ve stayed loyal to Fitbit over the years is because of the sleep info that it provides. Over the last week or two, it stops tracking any sleep info that happens before midnight, but when I go to manually add it somehow it miraculously has the start time of when I fell asleep (aka the missing sleep range). I also really dislike the change made under “additional sleep” or whatever it’s called…it’s like info was taken away. This morning all I got was a number score…no poor, fair or good. I think this will be my last Fitbit after being a loyal consumer for 10 years
  • I enjoy the ease of using the app

    By Kristen.Mingles
    I enjoy this app, and in the past I’ve primarily used it for logging my food and losing weight, which I am still currently using again because it proved successful, however, as a girlie who constantly struggles with digestion issues I recently decided to start liking my food again to lose weight but also to show my doctor what I’m eating in order to lose weight, but also to solve some digestion issues and I think this app would really benefit from adding a poop log widget in the app. Yes, you heard me correctly. so that we could see the correlation between what I’m eating and why I’m having issues pooping. After all you care so very much about tracking my menstruation which is also gross to many so why not our bowel movements? It is a health issue for many people. And if he could kind of make it in the same tab is food that would be great.