AI Background Eraser:PhotoClip

AI Background Eraser:PhotoClip


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[PhotoClip] An easy-to-use AI driven editor that allows you to easily make photos and bio sites for marketplaces and social media platforms, helping you sell products, increase sales and build brand or personal influence professionally. [Remove background with 1 click] Just select a photo from album or take a picture to remove its background simply with 1 click. [Magic Eraser]Instantly remove unwanted objects and defects using Magic Retouch. [White/colored backgrounds] Set a white background for your photos or select colored backgrounds with the palette. [Exclusive fonts] Add exclusive fancy fonts for your photos. [Creative stickers] Add more fun to your photos. [Massive backgrounds] Massive backgrounds with different patterns of your choice. [Plenty of templates] Plenty of templates designed specifically for marketplaces. [Bio site] Create unique bio sites of your own. New templates, stickers, backgrounds and fonts will be added every month. === About Auto Renewal === Privileges for Pro users: PhotoClip Pro and the free trial includes the access to all stickers, templates, patterns and fonts, color tools, and the functions to remove backgrounds and build personal bio sites unlimitedly. Service type: Monthly subscription: $9.99/month Annual subscription: $59.99/year Payment: payment will charged to the iTunes account. Auto Renewal: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period, after which the subscription period will be extended accordingly. Cancel auto renewal: To stop auto renewal, you will have to cancel it in your iTunes account or Apple ID settings manually at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Free trial: In case you cancel subscription during the free trial, you will still have access to all Pro features until the free trial ends. Cancel auto renewal: To stop auto renewal, please enter Settings on your iPhone, click your Apple ID, click Subscriptions and select PhotoClip to cancel subscription. === Relevant Terms === Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: === Contact Us === We'd love to hear your feedback: