House of the Dragon: DracARys

House of the Dragon: DracARys

By WarnerMedia Global Digital Services, LLC

Score: 2.84365
From 307 Ratings


Seize the power. Forge a bond. Unleash your dragon. In this immersive, free-roaming AR experience, you will steal into Westeros to claim a coveted dragon egg as your own, and return to our world to raise your tiny Hatchling into a mighty dragon. The House of the Dragon app delivers an intelligent, responsive and evolutionary virtual creature at your fingertips. Every dragon is different and will only bond with one individual at a time (you!). As your dragon grows it will develop its own unique appearance, behavior and abilities entirely dependent on your personal interactions with it, eventually reaching full adulthood, ready to explore the outside world. Use your iPhone, and experience the incredible power behind the greatest Houses in Westeros. Raise your own dragon and let it fly.



  • Needs some updates

    By Allenwb24
    I do like this app it’s cool I just wish they would update it so it didn’t glitch out. Sometimes I can even see my dragon
  • Dragon Lover🐲

    By #Game Reviewer 2710
    So this game is pretty fun. I know it would take a while but I have something that would be awesome to add. You could make it so that you could create a world and you could look at it like it was you riding the dragon. But you would have to make it have amazing graphics because that should be what is expected. Again it would take a long time to do but it would be worth it. Also I understand if you don’t.
  • Lacking in features, plenty of bugs

    By rmaxey21
    I love the idea of the app but there’s a lot missing. Once the dragon was big enough (or outgrew) the cavern, I never saw it again despite using the mazis command. Real bummer.
  • No internet connection bug

    By Sonotworthit74
    I don't know how or why this is happening but now the app is saying I'm not connected to the internet and can't run. I am very obviously connected. There have been several people on reddit getting the same error. Please fix this soon.
  • It literally gets pointless after 11 days

    By Rickydew
    There comes a point where your dragon is too big to be inside so you have to be outside to interact with him but he only sleeps in his cave, dragon been the same size for like 9 months
  • Wish there was more

    By kitkatmeowmwoe
    It’s great and all but I wish there was a bit more achievements to get or more things to do with your dragon. Also with there was more variation of dragon models (love the current ones though) a bit glitchy as the dragon phases through the world. But otherwise beautiful and really cool I appreciate the thought, the time, and the effort put into this AR game.
  • More dragons

    By BMAN223323
    I wish that we could get more than one dragon or the dragons can have genders and you can breed them if you have a male and female to get more and other people who have the app you can see their dragons in the world and maybe be able to battle them or something like that because you can’t really do that much beside feed and teach them new trick which is cool but still and also maybe once they get old enough you can make it to where you can like get in the dragon and fly in the air and see different places
  • It’s ok

    By RoyalRamba
    It’s cool & all that but coming from playing Pokémon Go to this is kinda depressing. I like how informative it is when looking at your/ other dragons and watching him grow. But I just wish it was more to the game. Missions, quests, something.
  • Eh…

    By Johno7671
    My wife and I downloaded as soon as they announced it. Cool to watch them grow as you feed them and such, but the app has to be shutdown and restarted regularly due to glitches. When dragon is grown, I no longer see the point
  • back in the cavern?

    By River003
    I love this app but now every time I call my dragon he becomes smaller and sends us back into the cavern😭 I hope this is a known problem and it’s being worked on being fixed because I miss feeding and watching my dragon grow