Breastfeeding Coach

Breastfeeding Coach

By Breastfeeding Coach, LLC


Why breastfeed? Are latches supposed to be painful?! How can I increase my milk supply? How do I go back to work, and continue breastfeeding? Breastfeeding can be challenging. It is such a dynamic experience, and many mothers and families don’t have access to the lactation support they need along the way. Enter…. Breastfeeding Coach!! Breastfeeding Coach is an exclusive media-based app designed to offer accessible, barrier-free and SUPPORT-BASED breastfeeding and lactation education across all social, ethnic, economic, racial, gender, and age strata, to every single person that wants to breastfeed their baby. Breastfeeding Coach app was created by a lactation consultant, registered nurse and mother of 3. Breastfeeding Coach is uniquely video-based, to target visual and “see then do” learning styles. Video learning is a more interactive way to understand content, providing opportunities to learn skills by demonstration. Our video library offers the following: ~ Step by step guidance for specific breastfeeding skills such as latch, positioning and pumping. ~ Troubleshooting for common breastfeeding concerns, such as latch pain, low milk supply and blocked ducts. ~ Answers to common breastfeeding questions, like “Should latches be painful?”, “How long should I breastfeed?” and “When/how do I pump?” ~ Prepares and supports mothers who plan to return to work ~ Provides background information about why breastfeeding is important for your family ~ Helps you set reasonable expectations for your breastfeeding experience Breastfeeding Coach offers support throughout the entire breastfeeding experience, from pregnancy through weaning and everything in between. Breastfeeding Coach offers the following additional resources: ~ Printable Breastfeeding Handouts and Feeding Logs - To help you get started on your breastfeeding journey. ~ A breastfeeding community - “We’re greater than the sum of our parts.” Connect with other parents; compare notes; support one another through our virtual support group. ~ Recommendations - for breastfeeding products that will help you through your breastfeeding experience. ~ Access- to a network of lactation professionals who can provide virtual lactation support tailored to your unique experiences. ▷ Already a Member? Sign-In to access your subscription. ▷ New? Try it for free! Subscribe in the app to get instant access. Breastfeeding Coach offers auto-renewing subscriptions. You'll receive unlimited access to content on all your devices. Payment is charged to your Account at confirmation of purchase. Pricing varies by location and is confirmed prior to purchase. Subscription automatically renews each month unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period, or the trial period (when offered). Cancel anytime in Account Settings. For more information see our: -Terms of Service: -Privacy Policy: