Pack Master

Pack Master


Score: 3
From 302 Ratings


Packing a suitcase seems simple? Test your skills in Pack Master - suitcase packing puzzle game. Try to fit all the items into as many suitcases you can! Sounds like an easy task, right? You don’t have to hurry because our game has no time limit! Features: - 100+ crazy levels - Tons of funny suitcases and items to pack - Progress system with passport and stamps - Easy, but funny gameplay - No time limit - Hints system that will help you pass some levels when you feel struggled - Minimalist & stylish graphics design



  • Too easy

    By Rluey2020
    Beat the entire game in one hour
  • Level 2

    By BunnyHopSparkle (Official)
    Okay well now the bug had been fixed and this is actually a pretty good game. It’s fun and I love the art style a lot.
  • Great!

    By SpaceCat2500
    This game got screwed over because of a glitch where you were unable to continue after level one. However, that bug was fixed, but not the game’s reputation (as they only have 2.7 stars) but it’s a really good game, challenging and entertaining. Hopefully, more people could rate five starts to bring the rating up a bit more and get the app the positive attention it deaserbes.
  • Thanks

    By BlLLY B0B J03
    Thanks for fixing it this game is fun and awesome as well as addictive and I am on level 52
  • 100

    By 🍕🤓😂
    Only 100 levels
  • In love 😍

    By Philzor79
    I love the game it has no ads. The music is awesome 😎
  • Re rating

    By clulee-Dollz
    Originally I had gave a 1 star review and recently saw that they updated the game and made it where you can pass level one. Now I can’t put down my phone it’s addicting
  • Great concept, way too easy

    By JDubs07
    I love the aesthetics and gameplay mechanics of Pack Master, but levels are way, way too easy to beat. Most of the time you're given so much space in your suitcase that you can just drag items in with no planning or consideration, and you'll still have tons of room to spare. In the first 30 levels (of 100 total), there was only a single time that I had to actually rearrange items to get them to fit. Harder levels, or unique challenges or restrictions, would make this a winning puzzle game as opposed to a brief diversion.
  • Level 100

    By isabel0413
    I just reached level 100 and I’m stuck there. On the description of the game it says 100+ games but there is only 100. Is this a glitch or is there just not anymore? If so, make more levels! This game is so addicting and fun!!
  • Bug WAS Fixed

    By ℲOO
    A very fun and addicting game. The ads don’t come too often, the gameplay is vibrant and adorable, with a nice color scheme and art style. As for people who say they couldn’t pass level one, this has not happened to me, so I presume the bug was fixed. I came checking for reviews, seeing how much I adored this game. I was shocked seeing all the negative reviews, and had to write a positive one to even the playing field a bit. I find this game very enjoyable, even for such a simple concept.